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  • Sweet Pea

    Posted on September 29, 2016 by in 2016

    Sweet PeaSweet PeaSweet Pea
    A day in the life of Sweet Pea is filled with energy, spunk, and taking rule over the entire household. From the moment she entered into our family, six months ago, she captured our hearts with her electric sounding bark and playful demeanor. Between her daily walks/runs to backyard/indoor fetch she is a constant fur ball of liveliness. One of her favorite past times is chewing up old socks she finds in our laundry room, while stuffed animals become her new torture method to tear and claw at. We have decided the best brand of toy is Kong, as she has yet to make it her prisoner of war.

    After her mid-afternoon walks, an apple core fills her mind, her favorite treat. Later in the evening she accompanies momma, as chef’s little assistant while dinner is being prepared. We are pleased that she never begs for food scraps, but she does always send up those doe eyes whenever she would like a snack or a belly rub.

    We are blessed to have Sweet Pea added to the family; we don’t know what we would do without her smiling mug, or her constant need for attention and love. She holds a high rank here, as she always sleeps tucked into one of the children’s beds. Thank you NIPRA for helping us add the missing piece of life we so direly needed.

    – Michele, Roderick, Katherine, Patrick, and Peter

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