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    Posted on April 7, 2015 by in 2015


    We were first introduced to NIPRA back in December 2006 when we decided that we would like to adopt a pug. We searched on line to seek our adoption options and filled out applications through a few organizations, none of which responded to our inquiry but NIPRA. Before we knew it, a 14-month-old fawn pug named Grace became a part of our family. We still remember the time we entered the foster house, a darling little pug ran toward us to greet us with kisses and right away, we knew that was our Grace. She has been such a joyful addition to our family. Her demeanor and mannerism always brings nothing but smiles and laughter to our days and our lives.

    Having been particularly impressed with the organization, based on our experience during the adoption process, in the beginning of 2009 we decided to volunteer and foster for NIPRA. That was how we met Shadow, a five-year-old black rescue pug who was abandoned by a breeder after she could not care for her litters anymore. Shadow was adopted and lived with her previous owner who after two years became unable to care for Shadow anymore and broken-heartedly had to give up Shadow to NIPRA for adoption. We brought Grace along to pick up Shadow and they immediately connected.

    At her new home, Shadow and Grace become inseparable. Shadow’s motherly instincts became apparent and she became very nurturing with Grace. They sit together, sleep together and often Shadow shows her care for Grace by licking her face and ears. Grace seems to enjoy it very much. In addition, shy, reticent Shadow has grown quite attached to us. She follows us around the house and literally has become our “Shadow”.

    Needless to say, we became a classic case of foster failure. After having Shadow in our home for a couple of weeks, we were absolutely unable to give her up for adoption. Hence, we decided to adopt Shadow ourselves.  Since then Shadow and Grace have become “Partners in Crime”, the “Lucy and Ethel”, the “Frick and Frack” of our household.

    – Shadow’s Forever Family

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