Due to the COVID -19 pandemic, we are not accepting new foster homes at this time. A home visit is a requirement prior to becoming a foster and due to social distancing requirements, it is not safe to do so at this time. Thank you for understanding.

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  • Rex

    Posted on December 7, 2016 by in 2016


    It’s been quite awhile since we sent an update on Rex. We rescued Rex on June 16, 2013. Rex and Bear, our other pug, have their days still but over all they love each other. Rex is a great joy to our family. Rex loves people but not other dogs. We modified our fence twice for Rex when we first got him, he liked to try and get out of the pickets. No problems now, in fact sometimes he comes with me to the back yard that isn’t fenced. Rex listens real well and learns quickly. He only drinks filtered water and can tell the difference. Both my pugs eat grain free food. I have to make their treats. Rex is particular on what he eats. He gets on my lap every time I sit down, when not, he sits in my chair by himself. He loves to walk, but as he ages both my pugs get tired. I bought a pet stroller for them to ride when they are tired. Rex is spoiled and loves his home. My husband and I could not have asked for a better pug than Rex. He is my baby. We call him Rexy. I could go on and on about Rexy and all the pictures we have of him, he’s so loved.

    -Rick and Pam Myers

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