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  • Olive

    Posted on August 29, 2015 by in 2015

    We have had Olive a bit over a month now.  She is doing really well.  She sleeps through the night (between my husband and I, of course).  She understands our routine and is very put out if her walk or dinner is a bit late.  We are feeding all three dogs upstairs now in different rooms although all of them have been caught walking by a dish and taking a nonchalant bite or two.  They seem to have figured it out in their magical dog way and no one seems upset.

    We had a granddaughter over and it is clear that Olive is used to little ones.  She stationed herself right by the high chair and patiently waited for food to drop, which it did.

    We decided that her bark is a sound mix of Darth Vader and a velociraptor.  When people are over, and they hear it for the first time, their reactions are simply hilarious.  She is barking less in the kitchen, learning that barking gets her nothing and being quiet might just get her a treat.

    She is darling and we are really enjoying her.   ADOPT A SENIOR DOG!!

    – Joan, Jack, Sebastian, Tallulah and Olive

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