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    Posted on October 7, 2015 by in 2015

    Natty and Adam
    Natty Klause

    I’m writing to give you an update and to thank you for our wonderful little Natalie (aka Natty), adopted February 2009. She’s made an effortless transition into our family and our hearts, and we are just delighted to have her. She is a special little girl!

    She’s been gradually adjusting and changing, but in the last month since we moved into our new home, she’s improved by leaps and bounds! She has finally gained weight (poor thing was so undernourished as a stray), and she looks just gorgeous—perfectly shaped with the softest coat, and a sparkle in her eyes. She’s having a blast chasing her big brother Klausie around the larger back yard—chasing birds and having pug wrestling matches to her heart’s content. She and Klaus have become the best of friends, and they truly are a perfect match personality-wise—they complement each other in so many ways!

    It has been so much fun to see her true personality start to shine through. She knows that she has a forever home with us now, and she is such a sassy little pug princess! We love when she acts entitled to our love and affection, because she deserves to be spoiled after that all she’s been through. She is SUCH a good girl—so smart, and obedient, with just enough naughty pug mischievousness thrown in. When she’s happy (which is just about ALWAYS), her little curly pom-pom tail wags a mile a minute. She LOVES to eat (of course), and she coos and twirls in dancing pug circles when it’s time for food or treats. But her absolute favorite thing to do is go on a walk with her people and her brother—when her harness comes out, chaos ensues, and her excitement is palpable—we just adore seeing her smiling and so happy.

    We couldn’t be more thrilled at being chosen to be Natty’s forever family, and we look forward to bonding and growing with her more each day. Thank you so much NIPRA!

    – Mariel, Klausie & Natty

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