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  • Herbie and Libby Lou

    Posted on May 7, 2015 by in 2015

    Herbie and Libby LouHerbie and Libby Lou

    My name is Karyn and my daughter Danielle and I adopted two pugs from NIPRA a few months ago.  Their names are Herbie and Libby Lu.  I heard about the rescue while atwork as a Registered Nurse.  A medical student at the hospital said she knew of someone who was fostering two Pugs and looking to find them a forever home.  I already have a Pug, so I was more than interested in the conversation!  The medical student helped us get in touch with Herbie and Libby Lu^s foster parents, and before I knew it, we were on our way to go and get them!

    Herbie and Libby Lu are the greatest dogs!  They get along great with our two dogs we had before them; yes, we have four dogs now!  They are all very well behaved and very funny.  Herbie and Libby Lu are part of our family now; they fit in right away and quickly became welcomed family members!

    I truly believe that these dogs, and Pugs in general, are very lucky that there is a group like NIPRA to take them in, and people like the foster families that take care of themand love them until they are adopted.  It has to be a very difficult time for the animals being moved around like that, and yet they are so good and loving.  I would refer anyone that I knew would be a good parent to a Pug to NIPRA.

    Thank you all for being there for the Pugs.  We love them.

    – Herbie and Libby Lou’s Forever Family

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