Due to the COVID -19 pandemic, we are not accepting new foster homes at this time. A home visit is a requirement prior to becoming a foster and due to social distancing requirements, it is not safe to do so at this time. Thank you for understanding.

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  • Gutz

    Posted on November 29, 2016 by in 2016

    GutzI have had Gutz (formerly Rascal) for almost a year now and I honestly do not know where I would be without him. After about 2 months being in a new home and having that empty feeling, I decided I needed a companion. I decided to fill out an application for no dog in particular so when the right one came available I could be prepared. I never expected to find him that same day. I got an email within the hour containing 3 available furbabies looking for their homes. When I saw his image and read his profile I just knew he was mine. I actually cried. I replied to the email that I was highly interested in him. I found myself constantly going back to the link just to look at him. The next day, I remember clicking the link to see his profile was pulled. I cried harder than I ever have because I thought someone else had adopted him. While happy he would have a home, I was sad that it was not mine. I sent another email. I don’t know what possessed me to, to ask to confirm he was no longer available and the he found his home. I was informed that he was still available, but was just receiving a bit more training to make sure he was ready to be adopted and that I was free to contact them later to see how he was progressing. I was ecstatic. It felt like dating. How soon was too soon to send a follow up? What if I waited too long and they felt I did not care? After about a week I sent another email and was offered the opportunity to meet him which I jumped at. After the hour long visit (thank you for being so accommodating! I had so much fun with him I lost track of time!) I knew he had to come home with me. I spent the next few weeks preparing the house for the home check and have never worked so fast to unpack and install a screen door! The day I signed his papers and brought him home is still the best day of my life. Every day with him just continues to get better than the last. I really feel he rescued me and I could not be happier to have my little soul mate living with me. He is officially my registered support dog and has already received his good canine citizenship certificate. He is also working towards his public access certificate.

    -Gutz’ Forever Family

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